2010 Exhibitions

National Exhibition (NE) 5
September 4, 2012 to February 26, 2011

"In the past, artists were invited to submit three pieces from their portfolio that had been produced in the past two years. This time they were asked to produce one piece in response to the theme with the objective of raising a social consciousness within our community," David A. Bailey, Acting Director of the NAGB during 2010 says, "It is the intention of the NAGB to explore this area from an artist's perspective seeing how they use their own unique artistic tools and vision to produce works that look at areas such as urbanisation, mobility (cars, planes, boats, etc.), domesticity, personal space, landscape, industrialisation, natural earth elements, fabricated non-natural elements, etc. that relate to carbon footprint and climate change."-  Holly Parotti

Features from NE 5:
  • Exhibition themed, "The Carbon Footprint"
  • Inspired by the wave of horrific natural disasters around the world in Haiti, Chile and Turkey
  • Curated by Curatorial Assistant, Holly Parotti
  • Exhibition features 12 male artists and 12 female artists
  • The chosen artists of the NAGB's Fifth National Exhibition include: John Beadle, Sue Bennett-Williams, Dede Brown, Apryl Burrows, John Cox, Blue Curry, Claudette Dean, Jan Elliot, Mick Guy, John B. Gynell, Ken Heslop, Kristaan Ingraham, Kishan Munroe, Lavar Munroe, Susan Moir-Mackay, Lynn Parotti, Dylan Rapillard, Heino Schmid, Natasha Turnquest and Eleanor Whitely. The media spanned the gamut and included found objects and mixed media, paintings, textiles, photography, graphic design, and quilt making. 
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Exhibition Catalogue: Here

Ras Ishi: Diaries Unlocked

Features from Ras Ishi:

  • First time an international artist has been featured at the NAGB
  • Exhibition seeks to explore local and global links, especially with other Caribbean nations
  • Curated by Holly Parotti
  • Features limited edition exhibition catalogue