Past Exhibitions

The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas Exhibition Programme

  The NAGB has a varied exhibition programme that includes bi-annual national exhibitions, retrospectives, exhibitions of private and corporate art collections, historical and contemporary exhibitions, thematic exhibitions and mixed media and single media exhibitions. Each exhibition is professionally curated and presented, and supported by catalogue publications.

Collections Within The National Collection  

The National Art Gallery has been entrusted with establishing The National Collection of Art for The Bahamas. It is a special assignment that the institution takes very seriously. The question often arises: How does the gallery acquire objects? How does it go about choosing what to acquire? This exhibition is intended to answer some of these questions and to hopefully raise a few more.

Collecting is not an elite exercise and is open to anyone with the interest and passion for art and culture. Art provides insight into the history and creative vision of a people. As a result, the building of a National Collection plays an important role in nation building. It is intended to document, while simultaneously engaging ongoing discussions as to who we are, where we have come from and where we are going. It is an exercise in authorship, an example of how a post-colonial nation writes its own story.

The Project Space Exhibition 


In order to have contemporary art practice front and centre to the visitor experience at the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, the NAGB will curate a series of installations by contemporary Bahamian, Caribbean and international artists.

Dubbed The Project Space (formerly The Inner Temple), the installations will be housed in the glassed-in Gallery on Villa Doyle’s first floor, the symbolic center of the institution. These installations will not consist solely of “installation art” but instead will focus on contemporary idioms and aesthetic forms in a wide range of media.

Each installation will receive no less than a two-month exhibition commitment (unless the work is time bound and, as such, requires less time). The Gallery will produce a bi-fold publication on the work and the featured artist. The costs of transporting the work to and from The Bahamas will be borne by the National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. Where possible, the Gallery would invite the artist to the NAGB to speak to the work in the context of their oeuvre.

Interested artists are invited to send in proposals and an up-to-date CV in digital form or hardcopy to the Director.

(Photo caption: The first exhibition to be featured in the Inner Temple was Kendra Frorup's “Domestic Chickens” and was on exhibition in July 2009.)

Exhibitions Policy (PDF - coming soon)